River Kennet Rainsford Farm – Details

River Kennet - Rainsford Farm

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A predominantly shallow, streamy stretch of middle kennet, a great favourite with traditional Barbel Anglers, with many different types of swim. At the top of the venue is a large weir pool that is a favourite with members. A varied population of fish present with Barbel averaging 8lbs with lots of doubles also present. The best reported specimen is 14lbs+

Also the venue holds lots of chub and silverfish and offers the allround angler the opportunity for a great days fishing.

The venue has a private gated car park for members only.

Anglers fishing the top end of Rainsford farm opposite the house’s and the weir pool are reminded of the need to be considerate to local residents.Please keep the noise to an absolute minimum especially early in the morning when some people may still be in bed. In particular, please do not use electronic bite alarms in the swims ;(they are hardly necessary on a small river anyway). We are on very good terms with residents here, a factor which has helped in extending our fishing times recently.Please help us maintain these cordial relations.