Club Waters

We have a range of different waters including rivers, lakes and a couple of small secluded ponds. Please find below information on our club’s waters.The Lower Way Lake Complex – More DetailsJubileeJubilee Lake

The largest lake on the complex at approx 12.75 acres and it holds a variety of species. The main targets are: Carp to over 20lbs, Bream to double figures and Tench to over 7lbs. However, there is good stock of other species such as Roach, Crucian Carp, Perch and Rudd, but these are mostly neglected by the majority of anglers. The sport on Jubilee can be prolific and match weights regularly exceed 100lbs!

Long Lake

Long Lake

The second largest of the lakes and is noted for its specimen fish. The lake is quite deep and can be very clear. Long lake is considered the more challenging of the lakes, but can offer some incredible sport with large bags of Bream and Tench often reported. Long Lake is home to some very large Carp – in excess of 30lb! The main targets are: Carp to over 20lbs, Bream to double figures and Tench to over 7lbs. However, there is good stock of other species such as Roach, Crucian Carp, Perch and Rudd, but these are mostly neglected by the majority of anglers.

Horden’s Mere

This is the smallest of the lakes offering approximately 20 swims. Hordens Mere holds good stocks of fish including: Roach, Rudd, Tench, Perch, Pike, Carp and Bream. Lots of interesting features are present, with lots of lily pads and overhanging trees. Some large fish have been reported from Hordens; Carp in excess of 30lb in weight and Tench up to 12lb. The lake complex is accessed via a track, and has a gated car park for approximately 30 cars.

River Kennet – Whitehouse – More Details

WhiteHouse - River Kennet

This is a canalised part of the river which has very uniform depths and widths along its length. The venue holds a large variety of fish and suits all types of approaches. The stretch is easily accessible and shares a wide, hard towpath. The varied population includes; Chub up to 7lb in weight, Roach up to 2lb, Perch up to 3lb, a few rogue Carp, and some elusive Barbel. The venue also holds the clubs record Pike of 28lb 14oz. The venue shares a large public car park.

River Kennet – Padworth – More Details

River Kennet - Padworth

This stretch of the river Kennet offers a variety of different types of swim, from shallow fast glides over gravel, to deep slow pools. There is good weed growth in the summer and a number of fish holding features. This stretch is on the much publicised CALPAC stretch at Padworth, this is on the north side of the river. We also have a short stretch on the south side of the the river from the road to the first field which is private land  The stretch is renowned for its prolific Barbel sport with fish averaging 8-9lbs and a number of double figure specimens.

Bucklebury Ponds – More Details

Bucklebury Ponds

Two small former monastery ponds situated on Bucklebury Common. These ponds are really tucked away and have quite a secluded feel. A total of about 15 swims are available over the two ponds. A variety of species are present: Roach, Rudd, Skimmers and Carp are the main targets. The Carp are of the old English strain, and rarely exceed low doubles. There are also a number of surprises to be caught! (Give it a go and you’ll see what we mean!) A venue with an interesting history; keep your eye out for the ghostly monk!

River Kennet – Rainsford Farm – More Details

Rainsford Farm

This is a predominantly shallow, stream-type stretch of middle Kennet. It’s a great favourite with traditional Barbel anglers, with many different types of swim. At the top of the venue is a large weir pool that is popular with members. Varied ranges of fish are present, with Barbel averaging 8lbs. There are also lots of fish weighing into double figures. The best reported specimen is over 14lbs! Also the venue holds lots of chub and silverfish and offers the all-round angler the opportunity for a great days fishing. The venue has a private gated car park for members only.

Kennet & Avon Canal – Thatcham – More details

River Kennet - Thatcham

Section A and B
From Widmead Lock running east to the Monkey Marsh. A long section with lots of reeds and features. Quite deep in places. Home to some very large Perch in excess of 3 pounds. Bream are common in this section and bumper bags can be had if the shoals are found in the right mood. Very lightly fished.


Section C
From Monkey Marsh Lock running east to the boundry with Reeds Angling Association. This section is a flowing stretch, due to the off shoot of the river kennet at the arrowhead. Home to a variety of species and great for the stick float angling due to its uniform flow and depth. In winter some large shoals of dace can be found with pleasure bags known to top 30lb.

Bulls lock

This is a short stretch of the river Kennet near Newbury at Bulls lock. It’s apporximateley 100 meters of river Kennet and extends from bottom boundary of the Civil service stretch (where the line fence), to the river’s confluence with the Kennet and Avon canal. Home to a variety of species and a good all round venue.

Use this link to see more on the whereabouts off bulls lock.

Exchange Permits

Just to let the members know that we do exchange permits for.

South Cerney
These are available at Thatcham angling center