Club Rules

Permits, photo cards and rule books must be carried by members at all times when on association waters. And must be produced at the request of a Association bailiff or committee member.

At Rainsford farm and the lake complex car parking tickets must be displayed on vehicles using the car park.

Permits, Night tickets are valid for one whole fishing season running from 16th june to 15th june the following year.

No alcohol or illegal substances on venues and No litter to be left on club venues

General Rules and Member’s conduct 

All EA rules will apply to Association waters.

Members to behave in a sporting and considerate manner towards other anglers, bailiffs, landowners and members of the public.

No alcohol or illegal substances.

No litter. Members are responsible for all litter in their swim whether it is theirs or not.

No dogs, except where there is public access.

No radios.

No cutting of tress or bank side vegetation.

No lighting of fires.

No cycling around the lake complex.

Only two rods per swim.

No bait boats.

No unattended lines in the water.

No live fish to be use used as bait. NO use of frogs of amphibians as bait.

Landing nets and unhooking mats compulsory. To be of a size and design appropriate to the species sought and water being fished.

recognised carp sacks and keepnets only. Keepnets not to be used to retain carp and other species together.

No transferring of fish between waters or between lakes.

No reserving of swims or leaving tackle on the bank.

No blocking of paths with bivvies or umbrellas.

fishing from recognised pegs only on lakes. This means no wading to non accessible places from the swims.

Fishing dawn to dusk (sunrise, sunset) except where the angler has a valid night permit

Junior members may fish at night but must be accompanied by a adult member (over the age of 18) only one junior per adult.

No boilies on Bucklebury ponds.

No use of laser pens or torches

Fishing over halfway on lakes is permitted if

a) Opposite pegs are vacant on the far bank, if anyone subsequently wishes to fish in opposite peg a halfway rule will be enforced.

b) If the area on the far side is inaccessible from the far bank.

Any breach of these rules will result in the member being asked to appear to a committee meeting . 

Match Fishing rules

No fishing two hours before the draw time of a scheduled matches. No discarding of unused bait on waters where a match is imminent.

Where matches are not fully attended ,pleasure anglers may be allowed to fish unused pegs at the discretion of the match steward.

Draw for pegs to be held no later then one hour prior to published start time.

Match secretary or appointed steward to conduct draw for pegs and signal by whistle beginning and end of matches.

Competitors arriving late to contact match steward.

Prior to the start whistle anglers may plumb the depth, mix groundbait and position keepnets and banksticks.

No bait to be introduced to the swim before the start whistle.

Any competitor leaving their swim must remove all tackle form the water.

All live fish except Pike,Salmon,Trout and Crustaceans may be weighed in.

One rod, Single hook and line to be used at one time .

No live or dead fish frogs or artificial lures to be used as bait. Artificial foam and plastic baits imitating corn and maggots are allowed.

Assistance may be given to others in landing hooked fish.

Maximum of 80lb in any single keepnet contents of the net will be disqualified if weight contained therein is found to exceed 80lb plus a 10% margin of error, ie 88lb.

On running water a swim shall be defined as running from one yard upstream of the peg to one yard of the next peg down stream.

On still waters a swim shall be delimited by the halfway points between the peg and those adjacent on either side .

Any breach of these rules will result in the competitor being disqualified. 

Association Record fish

Record claims must be submitted to the secretary as soon as possible in writing and pictures (where available) and details of witnesses.

How to claim a record the angler must have two members to witnesses the weight of the fish and your scales must be handed in to the club to be verified on club scales and the names of all members.

Current records are listed on the association website.