Lower Way Lake Complex



The largest on the complex at approx 12.75 acres and holds a variety of species.

The main targets are Carp to over 20lbs, Bream to double figures and Tench to over 7lbs. However there is good stock of other species like Roach, Crucian carp, Perch and Rudd, but are mostly neglected by the majority of anglers.

Sport on Jubilee can be prolific and match weights regularly exceed 100lbs

Long Lake

Long Lake

The second largest of the lakes and is noted for its specimen fish. The lake is quite deep and can be very clear.

Considered the more challenging of the lakes, but can offer some incredible sport with large bags of Bream and Tench often reported. Long Lake is home to some very large carp exceeding 40lb +. Also present are some great Grass Carp to 20lb+

Hordens Mere

The smallest of the lakes offering approximately 20 swims. Holds good stocks of fish including; Roach, Rudd, Tench, Perch, Pike, Carp and Bream.

Lots of interesting features are present, with lots of lily pads and overhanging trees.

Some large fish have been reported from Hordens, Carp of 40lb plus and Tench to 12lb.

The lake complex is accessed via a track, and has a gated car park for approximately 30 + cars